Little Miami Nussbaum 5B-B

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Little Miami Nussbaum 5B-B Roster

Please note that the web site only accepts numbers as jersey numbers so any player that has a jersey number of 00 will be represented by the number 0. So if you see a roster with two 0 jersey numbers, one is most likely a 00. The official scorebook kept at games will have the correct jersey number in the case of 00. Thanks!

non-organization player approved by league and home organization to play on this team

non-standard jersey number approved by league

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: Players who do not have liability waivers filled out that match to the roster (based on organization, player last name, and birth date) OR do not have jersey numbers will NOT appear on this roster page as they are ineligible to play. More information on how the league and your community match waivers to rosters is on the front page of the web site. Some organizations allow their coaches to maintain rosters from their Coach Portal and others only allow their coordinator to maintain rosters from their Coordinator Portal.