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If you would like to learn more about the CPYBL, feel free to access any of our informational pages which contain information about our league from the perspective of a coordinator, coach, and parent.  Parents, can also fill out their liability waivers right here.

Parents Page       Coaches Page       Coordinators Page        Liablity Waiver

We will continue to rely on guidance from the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and local school districts on precautions that must be taken in order to run our league in the safest manner possible.  Our COVID-19 operating guidelines have been approved by the departments of health in all counties that we operate in and we stand ready to help our member communities.  We understand that with such a large and diverse league that there are a variety of opinions and thoughts on COVID-19 and steps that must be taken to minimize exposure to it.  However, we must come together for the common good and abide by guidelines that have been well thought out by the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and the local school districts where your children attend school.  The viability and success of the league will depend on it for this season.</p>


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