CPYBL Preseason Tournaments

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For the 9th straight year, we will be offering the CPYBL Preseason Shootout on November 11th and 12th in local area gyms for 3rd-6th grade boys and girls teams of all skill levels.  This is a round-robin format (3 games) with no single elimination or bracket play.  Cost is $60 per team + ref fees ($35 per game).  Registration deadline is November 1st.  We are looking for gyms to host this event so if you are interested, please email us and/or add gym time to your availability calendar on our website for that weekend.

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In addition, we will also be offering the Amerileagues Preseason Athletic Tournament which is a 3 game guarantee single elimination tournament (2 pool play games followed by single elimination) on November 17th-19th.  This is a new option for this season and will be offered to 3rd-6th grade boys and girls athletic teams only.  We will offer an A and B division for all grades (athletic C teams are welcome to register and play in the B division.  Cost is $60 per team + ref fees ($35 per game).  Registration deadline is November 10th.  All games will be played at Elite Athletic Sports Complex and Princeton City School gyms.

Coordinators may sign up their teams when registering them for regular season play.  We also have a registration page (linked pages earlier in this message) for non-CPYBL teams to register (or CPYBL teams whose organization is not handling their preseason tournament registration).  If eligible, teams can play in both tournaments if they'd like.

Here are some reminders about our preseason tournaments:

  1. $60 fee payable to the league includes 3 games
  2. 3rd-6th grade boys and girls
  3. All skill levels for Shootout, only Athletic teams for Preseason Tournament
  4. Games at CPYBL member gyms and Elite Athletic Sports Complex
  5. 3 game round robin for Preseason Shootout, 2 pool play games + single elimination bracket play for CPYBL Preseason Tournament
  6. 2-20 minute running clock halves (this is 12 more minutes of playing time this year for round-robin participants due to the full fare ref fees this year)
  7. Deadline to register is November 1st for Preseason Shootout and November 10th for CPYBL Preseason Tournament
  8. We are looking for gym time to host the Preseason Shootout.  This is a great opportunity to raise money for your program by charging a gate fee (per league guidelines) and/or sell concessions.  Please contact us if you'd like to host games and/or add time to your gym availability calendar on our website for that weekend.
  9. Organizations registering and paying for teams can be invoiced by check OR they can pay online at our Square site (payment info available on tournament pages).  Individual teams must pay online.


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