Season Schedules Now Available

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The full season schedule is now available (11/20 11pm). These schedules were reviewed by the coordinators from each organization and feedback was provided to the league before the schedule was finalized. Thank you to all coordinators for their feedback, almost all of which was incorporated into the schedule.

Schedules can be found in a variety of formats from the Standings (click on a team to see schedule), Schedule menu (by Team, by Date, by Gym). If you are a coach, you can also view a pre-filtered version of the schedule which only shows your team from your Coach Portal. Others who created an account on the web site and subscribed to a team or teams, can view those schedules on their Subscriber Portal.

It is important to note that now that the schedule is live, making changes to it will be very difficult. Any feedback a coach might have with the schedule should be directed to their coordinator and not the league.  Please note that crossover games were scheduled between girls 5th grade athletic A and B teams to round out the schedule for the A teams.  Also, a few of the 3rd grade girls athletic teams will be playing against 4th grade girls rec teams to give them a 20 game schedule.  In these games, 4th grade rec rules apply.

New this year is the 20 game option for 2nd-6th recreational teams.  Teams playing a 20 game rec schedule are denoted on the standings page.  They will play 10 games in the pod they are listed in and 10 games against teams in a secondary pod.  Their winning percentage will be used to determine where to seed them in the tournament.

Thanks and have a great season!

Ben and Doug


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