Preseason Shootout Teams

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The following is a list of teams that have been entered into the Preseason Shootout. If you wish to add your team to this list OR remove it, you MUST notify the league by November 6th ([email protected]). Teams will be assigned to pools of 4 teams or more. In some cases, when a division does not have enough teams entered into the shootout, we will combine divisions (i.e. rec and high-rec or high-rec and Athletic C) to have enough teams to play in a single pool. Pool assignments will not be final until November 9th.

Please note that teams denoted with a division of "preseason" or organization of "Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League" are non-CPYBL teams that are playing only in the Preseason Shootout and not in the regular season. These teams will only be displayed on the list by not choosing any filters or by only choosing the value of "preseason" under Division.

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