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You can access the schedule using the buttons below or there is a Tournament option on the Schedule menu with the same options to all of the tournament information.  Please note that all brackets, seeds, and schedules are final.  Follow us on Twitter (@cpybl) as we will be tweeting tournament updates as well as all bracket champions and runners up.

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  1. This is a single elimination tournament
  2. 1st and 2nd place teams will receive individual player medals
  3. Teams were assigned to brackets and seeded based on regular season record at 2/10 at 8am (for the 7th-12th grade tournament) and 2/17 at 8am (for the 3rd-6th grade tournament). The main factor in seeding is record, but we also use point differential, head-to-head (if applicable), and a strength of schedule calculation to help. Also please note that team records have changed since we seeded teams based on scores that were reported after the seeding.  Nothing we can do about that.  This is a 1300 team tournament and we have to get started at some point.  Also, please note that we do not take into account forfeit wins or losses when seeding teams even though forfeit wins and losses are shown in their record.
  4. Teams are not necessarily playing in the same bracket they did during the regular season.  Athletic divisions were split across more brackets than existed during the regular season.  Low-performing high-rec teams may have been moved down to rec brackets and visa versa.  Smaller high-rec brackets in 7th-12th might have been pushed down into rec brackets.  In other words, we did the best we could to place teams into brackets where they could be competitive.  Recreational teams are combined into a large city-wide pool and then split into brackets based on record so if you are 1-8, chances are, most of the teams in your tournament bracket have a similar record.
  5. We are a big league and that means that teams will be traveling all over the city for the tournament.  We tried to minimize travel on Thursday and Friday but that is not always possible.  Athletic and high-rec teams are used to this during the regular season, but in order to make the most competitive and balanced tournament possible for recreational teams, this means travel.  We hope the amount of travel is offset by a lot of very competitive and exciting tournament games for recreational teams that have had varied levels of success during the regular season.


  1. Admission is the same as during regular season (parents, please remember gyms that utilize an off duty police officer may charge up to $9 per family)
  2. Admission may be charged once per day per person per site
  3. You MUST provide a gym monitor (providing a clock operator is a nice touch but if not, a parent from the home team needs to run the clock)
  4. Please have someone available to hand out medals after championship games
  5. Medals must be picked up the week of the tournament.  Time and location TBD.  All tournament hosts will be emailed this information in the next few days.


  1. Please behave in a manner becoming of a youth leader
  2. Teams are responsible for paying referees the same as during the regular season
  3. Any use of non-rostered players will result in your team's dismissal from the tournament.  Please verify your on-line roster is correct.  No excuses.  This should have been completed in early December.
  4. Please adhere to playing time requirements.  Teams found to be in violation of the requirement, will be dismissed from the tournament.  Please follow protocol as laid out in the Rules document to report playing time issues to the league.  Protests will not be heard if protocol is not followed.
  5. Winning coach should report game score immediately following game
  6. Coaches and parents that approach referees after the game (for any reason) will be subject to discipline per our rules document that will be applied next season.  DON'T DO IT!  Many coaches, players, and parents are under the impression (based on emails we receive throughout the season), that we don't hold referees accountable for their actions.  Please know that we regularly review referee performance and have suspended and even removed referees from the league during the regular season.  Everyone is responsible for their own behavior.
  7. If you coach multiple teams, you will need to have your assistants help you during the tournament.  This is something we have stated to your coordinators from day one this season.  We are simply not able to work around multiple team conflicts like we were during the regular season as the tournament is crunched into such a small period of time with many inter-dependencies.


  1. This is youth basketball, please behave in an appropriate manner.  We have had a large increase in issues this year with fan behavior.
  2. Cheer on your kids and be respectful of coaches and referees.
  3. Fans that violate codes of conduct during the tournament will be subject to penalties at the start of next season!


Please note that all coaches will receive an email during their game with a link to the score reporting form (assuming we have a valid email address for them on the web site and your email provider is not blocking our emails). The winning coach should log the game score as soon as possible after the completion of their game. Some tournament sites may offer to log the score for coaches which is nice.  When a game score is submitted, it will auto-advance the winning team on the bracket/schedule.  Please pay close attention as to who is the home and away team on the score reporting form. Champions and runners-up in each bracket will receive medals which gym supervisors will hand out at the end of the championship game. Please note that these are for players only!  10 medals will be available per team.  If you have more than 10 players, please contact the league and we will get them to you the following week.


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