My team is unable to play a scheduled game, what should I do?

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Coordinators can submit schedule conflicts for their coaches before the scheduling process began. Schedule conflicts are due this season by October 25th for 2nd-6th grade teams and November 15th for 7th-12th grade teams. After the schedule is released, coaches must contact their coordinators with a legitimate reason why the game cannot be played (illness, school function, head coach and all assistants cannot be at the game). The coordinator will contact the league to postpone the game and then contact the coordinator of the other team to try and reschedule the game. When a time and location have been determined for the reschedule, the coordinator should contact the league with the agreed upon information. Please note that any games cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled game will result in a $50 fee for the team that is cancelling. This money is to pay the referees for their missed game.