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I am an organization coordinator, should I setup my own web site account?

Web site accounts will be setup for organization coordinators in September and October after the league has received all information regarding the organization. Coordinators will receive an email from the league with information regarding their accounts. Organization coordinators will have access to a one page portal that gives them the ability to communicate with the league, other organizations, and their coaches. The portal also allows coordinators to setup their gym availability as well as maintain a schedule for gyms that they manage if they would like.

When should I setup a web site account?

Parents should wait until teams have been created before they setup a web site account. This will take place in late October through early November. An announcement will be made on our web site when teams have been setup.

I am a parent, do I need a web site account?

No, you do not. All team, schedule, standings, and gym direction information is all readily available from our main menu to any member of the public. However, if you would like to receive notifications about game schedule changes, tournament game results, weekly schedule reminders, and league or team announcements, please setup an account and subscribe to a team(s) to receive this type of information.

I am a coach, how do I get a user account for the web site?

When teams are created on the web site for the upcoming season (typically in late October or early November), we will automatically create a user account for each head coach based on the information provided by your member organization (based on name and email address). You will receive an automated email from the web site notifying you of this. You may change your user name and/or password when you login to the web site for the first time.