Game Rescheduling

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How will I know if a game has been postponed, rescheduled, or canceled?

All changes to the schedule are made in real time on our web site. However, if you would like to be notified of games that are postponed, rescheduled, or canceled, setup a web site account and subscribe to a team(s) and to the notifications you would like to receive.

Will all postponed games eventually be rescheduled?

Not necessarily. The league will do the best it can to reschedule games that were postponed due to inclement weather. This decision will need to be made in conjunction with member organizations as the ability to reschedule games is largely dependent on the availability of gym time to play these games. Games will initially be marked as postponed on the schedule and will either be moved to a rescheduled status or a canceled status.

My team is unable to play a scheduled game, what should I do?

Coordinators can submit schedule conflicts for their coaches before the scheduling process began. Schedule conflicts are due this season by October 25th for 2nd-6th grade teams and November 15th for 7th-12th grade teams. After the schedule is released, coaches must contact their coordinators with a legitimate reason why the game cannot be played (illness, school function, head coach and all assistants cannot be at the game). The coordinator will contact the league to postpone the game and then contact the coordinator of the other team to try and reschedule the game.