Game Play

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What will the rim heights be for your league?

All 2nd graders will play on 8 ft rims. Everyone else will play on 10 ft rims.

When are games usually played?

Most games will be played on Saturday or Sunday while some teams will play an occasional Friday evening game. Recreational teams will typically play one game per weekend (this could be on Saturday or Sunday) while athletic teams will typically play one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday on a given weekend.

What is a pod?

A pod is a way that we group teams to allow for the best combination of competitive play and the least amount of travel time. For recreational divisions, teams will be grouped into a pod based on geography to cut down on travel time and to promote a sense of community. Athletic teams are expected to travel and will most likely NOT be placed into pods unless there is a very large number of registered teams per grade/playing division.

What is the format of the season-ending tournament?

All teams will play in a season ending tournament that will be single elimination format. Teams may be grouped in divisions for the tournament that look slightly different than the divisions they played in during the regular season in order to make the tournament more competitive.

How many games does an athletic team play?

All athletic teams will be play 20 regular season games, usually two per weekend. Teams will be evaluated during the winter break to determine if they should be moved up our down between high and low divisions in our athletic program if applicable for their age group.