Tournament Planning

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All coordinators were sent an email today (1/15) with information about the upcoming CPYBL tournaments. As a reminder, here is some information about these tournaments:

  1. No tournament for 2nd grade
  2. 7th-12th tournament is Feb 20-23
  3. 3rd-6th tournament is Feb 27-Mar 1 (we will try to avoid games on Thursday, Feb 27 if possible)
  4. The league must be notified by January 31st if a team is NOT planning on participating in the tournament
  5. Tournament schedules will be released one week before the start of the tournament
  6. Preliminary gym usage schedules will be released to coordinators two weeks before the start of the tournament
  7. Teams will be assigned to brackets and seeded based on 8 weeks (7th-12th) or 9 weeks (3rd-6th) of game results.  The primary method used to seed teams is winning percentage but we also look at head-to-head (if applicable) and calculate a RPI that we sometimes use for tie-breakers.  Forfeit wins/losses are not included in this analysis.
  8. Teams MAY be moved up or down a division for the tournament based on regular season results.  Rec or High-Rec teams will NOT be moved up to Athletic and Athletic teams will NOT be moved down to Rec or High-Rec unless there are extraordinary circumstances.
  9. The league is not able to schedule around conflicts during the tournament and all coaches who are the head coach of multiple teams will most likely need to plan on having an assistant coach one of the teams.  We try our best to allow a head coach to coach the first round game for all teams but beyond that, we absolutely cannot promise anything.
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